In which the Fishtank is | Chaelee Dalton

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After Jennifer S. Cheng 

1: the sea captured in a glass 2: a homophone for having enough
for leftovers, a synonym 
for abundance 3: the fish, who have already forgotten you. It’s not 

personal 4: where memory fails, there’s still 
imagining 5: you. Not as an ocean but 
outside 6: glass and/or acrylic 7: in the hospital, meant to calm
in its motion 8: in the waiting 
room 9: somewhere between water and a place for relating 

to 10: the fish, waiting if they can wait 
without remembering, watching 
if they can 11: see through 12: water 13: between you and
me 14: reaching to touch the smooth 

edges 15: of each other 16: here, 
even if we cannot remember

Chaelee Dalton is a poet and physicist who was born in South Korea and now lives in Brooklyn. They have been published in several journals, including Impossible Archetype, ILDA South Korean Feminist Journal, and Careless Magazine. Their first chapbook, Mother Tongue, was chosen by Diana Khoi Nguyen as the winner of the Gold Line Press Poetry Chapbook Contest, and is forthcoming in fall 2020.