Album Review: Fucked Up

David Comes to Life by Fucked Up David.  Oh, David.  Who are you?  How about this? If only Fucked Up had covered this song on David Comes to Life. The album would

Mixtape Monday: Kelly Scherwitzki

As I travel from Tucson, AZ to Tallahassee, FL I realize that summer is frequently the time for me to leave places and people behind—because of this I have two conflicting sides:

Tucson Success Stories: Ryen Eggleston

Ryen Eggleston plays in bands in Tucson. Natasha Stagg: What have you been up to lately? Ryen Eggleston: Lately i’ve been desperate for work (I am a self-employed house painter and these have

Two Part Interview With Gilbef (Part Two)

Continued from previous post Natasha Stagg: Can you give us some ideas on what is coming up next? Rodrigo Gonçlaves: Through all the things I have written, I believe in people’s potential.

Two Part Review: SoundQuest Fest (Part Two)

Continued from previous post. Erik Wollo, a Norwegian guitarist, played after the break. His music made me think of when you are shown videos in health class that begin with sun-spotted footage