1 reason the world is F’d up, and why I have to see Avatar

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Apparently, if Americans could make Avatar then we could fake 9/11 and the Jews could fake the holocaust… Before reading this article I had little to no interest in a film where American military try to conquer an indigenous people so that they could collect a resource called “unobtainium”… but now that I’ve read this article, that this movie is so convincing that it is support for a world leader to make outrageous anti-semitic remarks about Jews faking 9/11 and the holocaust… well it’s gotta be good, and that’s what Jews are after right, “unobtainium”?

Read the article here.

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  1. That would be some ultimate special effects to make the WTC look like it was on fire and collapsing right before my naked eyes like it did from right across the Hudson River. Not even James Cameron has skills like that. Maybe since I am an American I could fake my foot up homey’s @$$.

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