Coming in Hot Tomorrow

Coming in Hot: A Reading at the University of Arizona Poetry Center

What: A dramatic reading of the controversial new play, Coming in Hot.

When: Thursday, January 28, 2010, 6-8pm.

Where: The University of Arizona Poetry Center, 1508 East Helen Street (At Vine Avenue).

Cost: The reading is open to the public, entrance is by donation.


As 30,000 more troops equip themselves to leave the country for combat in Afghanistan, the percentage of women in the ranks prepared to ship out is unprecedented. Coming in Hot, recently adapted for the stage from Powder: Writing by Women in the Ranks, From Vietnam to Iraq (Kore Press, 2008), gives us a glimpse into the controversial world of women at work in the US military.While some folks who saw the play in September said they would prefer to see a more anti-military industrial complex statement, more military precision, or a clear pacifist message, what the play offers is truth: the experiences of 14 women who have served.

Coming in Hot made its timely and poignant premiere in Tucson on September 24-27, audience totals reached 300, at the Rhythm Industry Performance Factory, to great acclaim and some protestations.On January 28th, Jeanmarie Simpson, accompanied by sound artist Vicki Brown, will give an intimate reading of the play, sharing the courageous and provocative stories of real women-soldiers.