The Falafel Quest

On this website you will continue to find high-brow reviews of high-brow novels and poetry collections.

We are now pleased to announce a new feature: falafel reviews.

High-brow falafels for high-brow folks readin’ them high-brow books.

What’s not to like?

There will be a rating system unique to Sonora Review and Tucson falafelry.

I will take it upon myself to survey local falafelries and rate their falafel efficiency and intensity on a scale of 1-4 images of Sean “spread it on” Munro licking my head (4 being Israeli standard and 1 being poor chickpea byproduct).

For example:

Our editor Jake Levine’s Homemade Jewish Mystic Falafel, combining the essence of cilantro with the effect of the chosen people =


Sonora staff and local writers will accompany me on my epic quest to find Tucson’s most epic falafel.


Benjamin Rybeck