short short short story by Dan Moreau


Take the ferry across the bay. Stand on the stern where the gulls gather like bees. Do not throw bread at them. This will give you away as a tourist. When the ferry docks, get in your car and drive to the end of the road. Hang a right. If you see flashing lights and train tracks you have gone too far. The house will appear on your right. Park across the street. Come up the back steps. Past the split wood pile. Knock on the sliding glass door so I know it is you.


Bio: Dan Moreau’s work appears or is forthcoming in Redivider, McSweeney’s, and Los Angeles Review. A 2009 Pushcart nominee, he blogs at


send short short short stories (under 100 words) to  … include a bio (short) if you’d like your piece published with one. i like it when things happen in the story. so make it happen.

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