Preview Pics From The Festival Of Books

Jake And Berenstain Bears

Jake And Bernstein Bears (Charles Alexander, Anne Waldman, Jake Levine, Charles Bernstein)

The new paradigm of American Poetry? Probably not. Just some pictures of time spent how we do when we get down dirty literary (literally?) and historically in the Old Pueblo. Narrative coming your way tomorrow about the Tucson Fest of Books!



P.S: We’ve got 57 in our hands and are shipping today, as in I am a shell of my former self now known as the business driven shipping machine! it’s a techno-logic-robotronic-lick-label-peel-fest. If you were lucky enough to grab/we are shipping you one, then feel the heavenly hand of the almighty word-(wo)man-wizardbeast caress your head in the palms of literary journal grace. We’ve only got 250 left and going fast.

(Pictures done by MAMA EJB, Erika Jo Brown, Curator of Stretching Panties)

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