This is a letter we have sent to Black Warrior Review. So far it has gone unanswered.
Ms. Lorenz and the rest of Black Warrior Review,
My name is Benjamin Rybeck, and I am presently the managing editor of Sonora Review (the lit journal at University of Arizona). For a very long time we’ve been calling ourselves the oldest graduate-run literary journal in the country (our first issue came out in 1980). Recently, Ander Monson (Black Warrior’s former editor-in-chief, our current faculty advisor) told us that Black Warrior might in fact be older than Sonora Review. Your website tells us Black Warrior began in 1974. While actual “dates” may be on your side, we at Sonora Review are not particularly interested in “facts” and “things that are true.” The truth is for toddlers. Being from the rowdy southwest, we at Sonora are mostly interested in gunslinging and riding off into the sunset after epic victories.
This is why Sonora Review challenges Black Warrior Review to a showdown at AWP this year. We’ve named the place and the time. We feel it’s only right that you name the weapons.
Your move.
Benjamin Rybeck

Managing Editor
Sonora Review