Tucson Success Stories: Andrew Shuta

Andrew Shuta paints on things, designs for Spork Press (and other places), DJs weekly nights in downtown Tucson, plays music with Rcougar, works at a charter high school, & never sleeps.

Natasha Stagg: What are you up to lately?

Andrew Shuta: Lately, I’m doing my thing: working at a charter high school during the day, designing (for Spork and other clients) + making art, DJing & Rocknrolling at night.

NS: So you still in Tucson?

AS: I still live in Tucson, but it feels like Tucson is living inside of me.

NS: What are you reading?

AS: Even when I’m not, I’m always reading Pynchon.

NS: Suggest something to do in Tucson.

AS: Come see me every Thursday at Optimist Club or every last Monday at Retrolution. We play dance music.

NS: Suggest something to read.

AS: I really love Chelsey Minnis’ poetry. Oh, and all the new chapbooks we’re making at Spork.

NS: Name three inspirations in the categories of visual art, music, and lit stuff.

AS: Visual: I’m really digging sculptor Nick van Woert‘s work right now. I fell in love with it upon first click. Maybe someday I’ll be able to see it in person.

Music: I’ve had to dig into the deepest, darkest graves of the internet to find 80s goth music. Ministry, Sisters of Mercy, Danse Society, etc. I like to think of my current obsession with goth as a black room with a rose hanging in the center of it. But, I love all types of music.

Lit: As for authors, I’ve got too many to name. So, I’ll name some that don’t already have a million blog posts about them. I love Gordon Massman‘s hysterical (in both senses of the word) poetry. We [Spork Press] just made/released his new chapbook (CORE SAMPLE), which is hand-made and available to purchase from Spork’s website. Also, a literary inspiration is Spork himself. And by that, I mean Drew Burk. He is keeping the art of handbinding/handmaking books alive for the sheer love of art. He literally quit his job to work on Spork full-time. And hopefully people will appreciate the hard work we do. Especially Drew.