Tucons Success Stories: Smog

Raised in Tucson, educated by TUSD, a victim of the Arizona university systems and long-time local wage-slave, Smog is a true Tucson townie. She’s currently a DJ on Free Radio Chuk’shon 90.9 FM in downtown Tucson. Her Soggy Show (FOR THE LADIEZ) can be caught on Friday nights from 10 pm till sometime Saturday morning. She is the Mommy of 5 cats and 700 VHS tapes.

Natasha Stagg: What are you up to lately?

Smog: When I’m not earning minor duckets at a thankless job? Trying to stay creative at all costs, writing and drawing my zine Soggy Stuff and doing my Soggy Show on FRC on Friday nights.

NS: What are you reading?

S: Last biography: Shirley Temple Black
Last Comic: Black Canary collection
Last Novel: Scarlett, the sequel to Gone With The Wind
Last Local Zine: The Revolution Will Not Be Patriarchal
Last Little House: On The Banks Of Plum Creek

NS: Suggest something to do in Tucson.

S: Wallow in self pity? Drugs? Support local businesses? Go to a mountain range (any) and stay a while? If you’re of the coffee or booze drinking variety, there is no lack of watering holes!

NS: Suggest something to read.

S: Phoebe Gloeckner’s Diary Of A Teenage Girl; local recommendation, Gary Paul Nabham’s Coming Home To Eat