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Check These Contests

See this handsome man? His name is Ander Monson. He will be judging our $1,000 essay contest. See this handsome man? His name is Rick Moody. He will be judging our $1,000 short short fiction contest. That’s right. These two contests are going live as of RIGHT NOW. Submit some work. Make us and them

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Falafel Quest, Vol. 1: The Fat Greek

Photo by Baz Ramos Address: 994 East University Boulevard, Tucson Price of Falafel: $5.41 I’m just like you. I never went to any highfalutin falafel university. I’m no east coast falafel elite. I’ve never even made falafel on my own. I’m just an average guy who loves eating falafel. Let’s take this journey together, one

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The Falafel Quest

On this website you will continue to find high-brow reviews of high-brow novels and poetry collections. We are now pleased to announce a new feature: falafel reviews. High-brow falafels for high-brow folks readin’ them high-brow books. What’s not to like? There will be a rating system unique to Sonora Review and Tucson falafelry. I will

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