Author: lewisdejong

Trey Moody

Let Us Let us begin with the stained mahogany armoire, dating to the 1860s, purchased by one J. Alfred Fiegel, New York, banker, investor, family man. Let us notice the attention to detail: etched, curving leaves; recessed, patterned sunburst circles; masterful woodwork, masterfully conceived and executed. And don’t mind the dust that has accumulated within

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JoeAnn Hart

Recipe for Curing Meat Ingredients: One middle-aged body, pre-seasoned One small polyp, free-range One four-ounce plastic and titanium Chemo port Two liters sub-lethal chemicals Oxycodone Remove polyp from inside cavity. Note number of unusual cells. Discard. Draw blood. Strip body. Slice open chest and insert chemo port. Run tube from port to heart. Sew incision.

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Jennifer Adams

Problems Two young women in a tea parlor, B and C.  They are cousins, one month apart.  As children they shared peaches at the shore, stole quarters for skeeball, capsized sailboats and voodooed baby dolls, terrorized the lunch counter at Woolworth’s, drank beer. Kissed boys at camp dances, college clubs, church altars. C is pregnant. 

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