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Rising Up And Rising Down (unabridged)

It is impossible to read this, William Vollmann’s 2500-page examination of the morality of violence, without reflecting on one’s own relationship to violence. And so here is a story: During my undergrad years I helped pay my tuition by working in a small mom-and-pop video store with an extensive (for our location, anyhow) pornography collection.

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Something Happened

“‘Something Happened’ is black humor with the humor removed.” –Kurt Vonnegut I thought I liked depressing novels.  And I do.  But I’ve reached my limit.  I will not be able to read a book more depressing than Something Happened, Joseph Heller’s second novel.  If I read another book and find the emotional suffering to be

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1 reason the world is F’d up, and why I have to see Avatar

Apparently, if Americans could make Avatar then we could fake 9/11 and the Jews could fake the holocaust… Before reading this article I had little to no interest in a film where American military try to conquer an indigenous people so that they could collect a resource called “unobtainium”… but now that I’ve read this

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