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The Art Form of Choice for the Underdog: SR71 Contributor Greg Marshall Explains Why Writing Personal Essays is a Must for Middle Children, Convicts and Everyone Else in the Trump Era

What is it about the personal essay that interests you? Creative nonfiction is the art form of choice for the underdog. Only convicts and middle children have any business doing it, those of us with holes in our hearts and chips on our shoulders who can’t tell a good bar story to save our lives.

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Blade Lineage: An Interview with Laura McCullough

Laura McCullough’s The Wild Night Dress, selected by Billy Collins in the Miller Williams Poetry Prize Series, was published  by University of Arkansas Press, 2017. Her other books  of poems include Jersey Mercy, Black Lawrence Press, Rigger Death & Hoist Another (BLP),  Panic (winner of the Kinereth Genseler Award, Alice James Books), Speech Acts (BLP), What Men Want (XOXOX Press), and The Dancing Bear (Open

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