Issue 73/74: Frenzy/Future

Sonora Review

Issue 73/74: Frenzy/Future
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Contest Winner: Silvia Park, “shift+delete”
On Fridays, Grandpa sets up Virtual Dinner with Mom, who’s living it up as a
robot-defending lawyer in New York, always on the lookout for their partial rights.

Frenzy Stories by: Anne Reid, Kit Reed, Jessica Lewis, Britt Tisdale, Jessica Hollander
Future Stories by: Abby Horowitz, Adam Giles, Michael Barron, Jeremy Wilson


Contest Winner: Lillian-Yvonne Bertram, “Coming of Age Stories”
Lord, we were black and poor, so you know what they called
us. …Always have some ‘mad money’ on you in case a man
leaves you somewhere. …In case a man pushes you out his car.

Runner-Up: Adiana Green, “Confederate Soldiers’ Monument II
see, how it misreads the moment. how
whiteness saw violence
in its undoing
saw violence in a blk woman
climbing a statue to help gravity
do what it do.

Frenzy Poems by: Joseph O. Legaspi, Danika Isdahl, Sarah Barber,
Jill Mceldowney, Kristina Martino, Sara Ryan, Kirsten Ihns, David Greenspan,
Jennifer Reimer, Natalie Tombasco, Gerard Coletta, Brittney Scott, Abigail Carl-Klassen,
Zach Linge, Viktorya Kopko, Robert Carr, Mercedes Lawry,
Claire Meuschke, Erin Kae, Keith Woodruff.
Future Poems by: Ginger Ko, Katherine Leonard, Ayokunle Falomo, Brian Laidlaw,
Isaac Ginsberg Miller, Juan R. Palomo, Levi Andalou, Jason Gray, Peter Myers,
Gustavo Hernandez, Samuel Merriman Gilpin


Contest Winner: May-lee Chai, “The Imagined Homeland”
Governance over families and ancestors made sense to me conceptually as homeland, but in practice, I have often felt like an alien in my own family, a place governed by my mother, with whom my conflicts seemed endless.

Frenzy Stories by: Andrei Konchalovsky, Sarah Chaves,
Robert Anthony Siegel, Lauren Westerfield, Susannah B. Mintz
Future Stories by: Allison Gruber, Alison Powel, Kathleen Harris
Julia Hogan, Aaron Gilbreath

Cover: Carolina Colantuoni
Inside: Robert Dozal