Despite our claims to super-human strengths elsewhere, we are truly but a mere literary journal with sometimes shaky funding.

One of the goals of Sonora Review is to present community-based events that explore issues important to citizens of Tucson in particular and Arizona in general; a recent event we had at the University of Arizona Poetry Center called “Writers for Justice on the Border: What It Means to Write in Arizona” did just that, and was well-attended, and well-received. All of our readings and events are free.

However, our other goal is, of course, to produce a literary journal. So if you like the work we do and the events we put on, we encourage you to donate something – even something very small – to us. (Small amounts of money, we mean; we don’t want, like, doll furniture or anything.) All money we receive goes directly into producing and shipping the journal.

As usual, Sonora Review loves you. And had a weird dream about you last night, which is best left for another time.

Please donate pennies here.

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