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Two Part Interview With Rachal Duggan (Part Two)

“Now” by Rachal Duggan Continued from previous post NS: What are you working on lately? RD: I try to keep myself productive and end up drawing random stuff for myself. As long as I am still drawing, I’m pretty content. NS: What else are you up to? RD: For over a year I’ve been compiling

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Interview with Mark Budman

Mark Budman‘s work can be found on his website, The Virginia Quarterly Review, Blip, and Pank Magazine, to name a few places. Natasha Stagg: How long have you been writing? Mark Budman: Since I learned the alphabet. NS: Do you write every day? MB: Yes, just about. NS: What are your thoughts on “writing on

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Two Part Interview with Annabel Lyon (Part Two)

AV: Aristotle ponders the education of Alexander: “Such a needy little monster cub.  Shall I continue to pose him riddles to make him a brighter monster, or shall I make him human?”  Interesting introspection by Aristotle, but what was the right choice? AL: As I mentioned earlier, I think the damage was done to Alexander

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