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short short short story by Jacob Silverman

A man driving an old blue car almost runs me over. He needs directions to the hospital. I understand the third time. “For the child”—his bony hand jabs her shoulder. A boy in the backseat stares at me, eyes like cracked marbles, waiting to go home. They buried his mother under a white wooden cross

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short short short story by Evan Schaeffer

Temper Head banger, my wife tells the dentist. He has my husband’s temper. The dentist looks at me. Our son grins his toothless grin. His adult teeth will be fine, the dentist says. My wife squeezes my hand. I will not mention she was alone with him.  I will not mention the marks on the

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short short short story by Kathy Stevenson

THE WIDOW-MAKER __________________ “And there he was, standing under the very tree called the widow-maker – I was taking his picture with the new digital camera he’d just bought me – when a thirty-five pound pod dropped squarely on his head, killing him instantly.”  The story was tragic, however in Maureen’s re-telling, after these many

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