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Interview: Amanda McCormick

Amanda McCormick is a poet, painter, maker-of-art-out-of-garbage,-etc.  Her poems have appeared in The Unrorean.  She currently is the editor and web master of the Apalachee Review as well as the founding editor of espresso ink. She lives in Tallahassee, Florida. Kelly Scherwitzki:  What obstacles do you face working for an established magazine (Apalachee Review) and

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Op-Ed: Benjamin Rybeck

Weinergate This story is pretty absorbing, I guess.  I’ve always liked Anthony Weiner. I’ve been reminded of a lot of other juicy political sex scandals in the last ten days featuring men about whom I knew very little before the scandal broke.  But I have no idea if Weiner’s a good congressman. Unless you live

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People We Love

Patti Hadad Patti Hadad has seen more of Argentina than the United States.  Before coming to Tucson, she was, for a few years, an arts critic for the Austin Chronicle and a reader for American Short Fiction.  Her first year as a student , she interned for Kore Press and read for Sonora Review—elbowing in

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