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Festival Of Books Recap/Redux/Luscious

by Erika Jo Brown Most travelogues of Tucson probably start with the weather, so I’ll avoid that (but not before putting in parentheses – I can’t help but spread it on, I’m coming in from the midwest here – that the climate is mystical, Brigadoon-like, unable to be imagined unless experienced, in a word: sunny.

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Elegy To My American Spirits, For King Hipster Wes Anderson Who Does Not Need Cigarettes

To all my doppelgangers who inspire Urban Outfitter storefront models, I have split, swallowed an octopus, began to two step away from you. Comrades, I am silenced by the sound of the great fountain of time, we are divided by a thin brown stick, not Slim Jim, but American Spirit. John Wayne is my great

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