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Interview With Anna Prushinskaya

Anna Prushinskaya edits The Outlet. I met her and lived with her for a time in Ann Arbor. I’ve always loved her writing and I’m super excited about what she’s doing in Brooklyn. Natasha Stagg: Tell me about Brooklyn College. Anna Prushinskaya: Brooklyn College’s campus is beautiful and ranked for it. There’s really delicious pizza

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Letters on MFAs

Friends and strangers and old classmates and coworkers have all been asking me: What is an MFA? I’m sure I’m not the only one here in this program who gets asked this. I’d love to hear what you tell your friends you’re doing, when you get right down to it. Here are some excerpts from

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Notes Taken During Workshop

We take notes during a workshop in order to remember but also in order to appear grateful and interested. Sometimes these notes mean nothing. Up is good, down is bad Black is good, white is nothing “The oldest story of all is replacement. Life goes on without us” –Buzz Story>fable>guilt trip “Youthful what-nots that you like

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