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SR71 Contributor Interviews: Jordan Scott

What is it about the genre or cross-genre you write in that interests you/draws you in? I came into fiction from a place of being a poet first and foremost, which has really informed the way I construct my short stories. There’s something pleasurable about accessing modes that feel more rooted in poetry—such as a

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Interview with Charlie Hanline

Natasha Stagg: How long have you been writing? Charlie Hanline: Approximately ten years NS: Do you write every day? CH: No, but then I feel guilty NS: What are your thoughts on writing? CH: Writing lets you live vicariously those elements that you are unable to experience directly. Writing makes you be more in tune

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Writing in Arizona

Writers for Justice on the Border: What does it mean to Write in Arizona? A Reading/Discussion presented by Sonora Review, No More Deaths, and the Poetry Center featuring: Gary Paul Nabhan John Washington and actresses from Borderlands Theater. Sonora Review is proud to announce that on October 11, 2010 Tucson residents are invited to the

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