Contest Submissions CLOSED

Check back in the Fall for our Poetry Contest and in the Spring for our Nonfiction & Short-Fiction Contests.

Congratulations to our 2013 & 2014 contest winners!

Sonora Review 2014 Essay Prize (judged by Jenny Boully): (1st) Corey Zeller (2nd) Shaelyn Smith (3rd) Julie Marie Wade & Denise Duhamel

Sonora Review 2014 Poetry Prize (judged by Eduardo Corral): (1st) Justin Carter (2nd) Michael Luis Dauro (3rd) Jess Poli

Sonora Review 2014 Fiction Prize (judged by Matt Bell): (1st) Rebeca LadrĂ³n de Guevara (2nd) Niloo E. Sarabi (3rd) Chelsea Werner-Jatzke

Sonora Review 2013 Essay Prize (judged by Dinty W. Moore): (1st) Harrison Candelaria Fletcher (2nd) Lia Woodall (3rd) Kelly Clancy

Sonora Review 2013 Short-Fiction Prize (judged by Ben Marcus): (1st) Michael Fidel Marquez (2nd) JoeAnn Hart (3rd) Lucas Church

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    • Hi Tracy! Sure, we’ll consider excerpts for the contest, as long as they’re part of a larger work that’s previously unpublished. Thanks for checking!

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