Join us for a WIP Reading September 19th at Casa Libre

Where? Casa Libre (228 North 4th Avenue Tucson, AZ)

When? 7pm

Who? Ingrid Wenzler, Jake Syersak, and Emily Maloney (reader bios below)

Ingrid WenzlerIngrid Wenzler studied Creative Writing as an undergraduate at Connecticut College and is now a graduate teaching assistant and MFA candidate at the University of Arizona. She’s at work on a collection of stories unified by subjects as tenuous and various as failure, regret, nostalgia, and solicitude—what Faulkner might have called “old verities.” One of her shortest stories, “A Replacement,” will appear in the December issue of Cleaver Magazine.Jake

Jake Syersak is the world’s greatest stuntman’s fondest memory of his first lost limb.

EmilyEmily Maloney lives in an apartment complex behind Whole Foods on Speedway called Las Villas. It has a pool, and you can come swim there. She has written on topics such as the Miss Venezuela pageant, the Amish country, booking a room in Japan, and trying to buy pants that fit in Argentina. Her writing has been included in The Best American Legal Writing and twice in The Best American Travel Writing.

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