Nonfiction Contest Results

We’re thrilled to announce our 2014 nonfiction contest winner, runners-up, and finalists as judged by Jenny Boully:

Contest Winner:

Corey Zeller for from Public Places


Shaelyn Smith for None of this makes it into the still life
Julie Marie Wade & Denise Duhamel for The State with the Prettiest Name: Scrabble Edition


Esther Lee for Echolalia, the Photographs are My Proof
Joshua Helms for Bring on the Spins
Chris Emslie for Suffer us to famish
Katherine Noble for In the Empire of Flesh

Corey Zeller’s essay will appear in Issue 67 and Shaelyn Smith’s will appear in Issue 66.

A huge huge tip of the hat to Jenny Boully for judging our contest, a congratulations to all finalists, and finally a great thank you to all our submitters. We received a lot of exceptional work and it was a pleasure to read through it. And make sure to check us out next year–we’ll be back.