Founded in 1980, Sonora Review is one of the oldest student-run literary journals in the country. From start to finish, each issue is put together solely by graduate students in the Creative Writing Department at the University of Arizona. All staff members volunteer their time. Former staff members include Antonya Nelson, Robert Boswell, Richard Russo, Tony Hoagland, David Foster Wallace, Joshua Marie Wilkinson, Tim Peterson, and Richard Siken. Work originally printed in Sonora Review has appeared in Best of the West and Best American Poetry, and has won O. Henry Awards and Pushcart Prizes.

For more information, see Sonora Review’s interview with Duotrope.


or write to:
Sonora Review
Department of English
University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ 85721

Masthead 2013/14:

Mike Coakley
Laura I. Miller

Art Director
John Gialanella

Poetry Editors
Sylvia Chan
Kim Stoll

Fiction Editor
Colin Hodgkins

Nonfiction Editor
Tommy Mira y Lopez

Web Editor
Jess Jenkins

Managing Editors
Will Slattery
Jake Syersak

Editorial Staff
Nina Boutsikaris
Jarrett Eakins
Rafael Gonzalez
Tania Huzieran
Jon Riccio
Brianna Sheaffer
Ingrid Wenzler
Sara Wolfe Vaughan
Erin Zwiener

Samantha Edmiston
Daniel Phelps

Financial Consultant
Lourdes Canto

Academic Supervisor
Ander Monson

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