Introduction to Special Issue | Amalia Clarice Mora

The theme of this special issue was inspired, in part, by a late night Google search a few years ago. Amidst growing conversation in the United States and the world over about sexual violence and domestic abuse, I lay awake thinking about growing up a girl. The leering, catcalling, groping. Being taken advantage of at a party, being valued for beauty or ridiculed for ugliness. Worshiped for our parts, reduced to our things, to things ourselves. Dreading the meeting where our opinions are undermined, the birthdays that mark us as past an expiration date, the alleyways or relationships that leave

Nonfiction Contest



Letter By Letter | Denise Tolan

The first letter arrived less than a week after Ed’s burial. Martha recognized the postmark: Bluffton, South Carolina. She also knew it was Ed who had handwritten her name and address

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