Tucson Success Stories: Lauren Lederman

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Lauren Lederman was born in Tucson and raised there for most of her childhood and teenage years. She was a Rotary exchange scholar to Brazil in 2005-2006, won first place in the Manhattan Amateur Classic ballroom dance competition for Masters of Latin Syllabus, and she makes a mean batch of vegan cookies.

Natasha Stagg: What are you up to lately?

Lauren Lederman: I am currently studying anthropology through the U of A but at a research institute in Guatemala called CIRMA. I also volunteer for an organization called Los Patojos, and am beginning to assist with the 9th Lesbian Feminists Conference for Women of Central American and the Caribbean and I bartend.

NS: When did you leave? Do you miss Tucson?

LL: I’ve been living in Guatemala since January – I miss the people in Tucson and the sunsets, and Eegees.

NS: What are you reading?

LL: The first book I picked out of my backpack is To Lead As Equals by Jeffery L. Gould.

NS: Suggest something to do in Tucson.

LL: Get a bloody mary and listen to awesome jazz music Sunday mornings at Hotel Congress.

NS: Suggest something to read.

LL: The Tao of Pooh.