Interview with Charlie Hanline

2 mins read

Natasha Stagg: How long have you been writing?

Charlie Hanline: Approximately ten years

NS: Do you write every day?

CH: No, but then I feel guilty

NS: What are your thoughts on writing?

CH: Writing lets you live vicariously those elements that you are unable to experience directly. Writing makes you be more in tune with people and your environment. You are more aware of what you say and do. You notice the details in life. Good writing never hurts another individual.

NS: Ever read the advice that authors give?

CH: Definitely, I have at least a hundred books of writing advice from authors.

NS: Do you have some advice to give?

CH: Never write anything that would embarrass your mama. Never try to hurt another through writing, or any other means. When you stare at a blank page, don’t pay too much attention to the blood draining from your ears, eye sockets, nose, and forehead. Write with passion.

NS: Who is your favorite author of the moment, and why should we read them?

CH: I’ve always enjoyed westerns by Elmer Kelton. He provides thoughtful keltonisms (words of wisdom to live by) throughout his books. I was sorry to hear of his passing last year. He was a great author and a true gentleman. I was also saddened by Tony Hillerman’s passing. He was a great author also. Carl Hiaasen – he’s funny, entertaining and interesting. One other author I’d like to mention is Dan O’Brien. He may not have saved the world, but he sure helped save the peregrine falcon and has helped to restore the grasslands of South Dakota.

NS: What is a book that kind of blew your mind, that we’d be surprised by?

CH: The War Prayer by Mark Twain