Interview with Mark Budman

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Mark Budman‘s work can be found on his website, The Virginia Quarterly Review, Blip, and Pank Magazine, to name a few places.

Natasha Stagg: How long have you been writing?

Mark Budman: Since I learned the alphabet.

NS: Do you write every day?

MB: Yes, just about.

NS: What are your thoughts on “writing on writing?” Ever read the advice other authors give?

MB: I suspect that everyone has a style which is best for them, but once in a  while I do read what other people think about the craft.

NS: Do you have some advice to give?

MB: For what it’s worth (see the above) read other people’s fiction (not necessarily meta-fiction) and practice daily. Revise, revise, revise and don’t mince words.

NS: Who is your favorite author of the moment, and what should we read by them?

MB: Gary Shteyngart. Read his Absurdistan and Super Sad True Love Story.

NS: What is a book that kind of blew your mind, that we’d be surprised by?

MB: Super Sad True Love Story. It’s hilarious how sad it is.