Two Part Interview with Rachal Duggan

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I’ve been a fan of Rachal Duggan for a while now and regularly check her Flickr, her blog, and her website. View more of her work in FFFFOUND!, Featherproof Books (where you should download her “Dads” Series”), The Post Family, and LagMag.

Here is her artist bio:

“I’m Rachal (pronounced RAY-chull) Ann Duggan, and (mostly) I draw. Instead of adding my list of quirky hobbies, I’ve decided to list some of my non-talents.

  • sports
  • playing instruments
  • eating beef
If you have any questions, comments or ideas, please do not hesitate to contact me at or by phone at 773.349.1174.”

“fuckup” by Rachal Duggan

NS: How long have you been illustrating?

RD: I’ve always drawn but started taking it more seriously about 4 years ago. So, about halfway through my undergrad. I then moved my focus from Art History to Illustration.
NS: What are your opinions on art, the future of it, in particular?

RD: As someone who is indebted to an education in art, it’s disappointing how both vast and limiting art can be. Our economy has put a damper on just about everything. And with our multitude of problems, it’s no wonder why art ends up on the back-burner. Regardless, people still create it, enjoy and buy it. Some of the most interesting things are created out of awful circumstances.
NS: I find your art to be very… literary. I’m not even sure what I mean by that, but it’s a good thing. Do you see a connection to literature or writing in your drawings?

RD: Well, thank you. I do feel like I end up drawing a story when I illustrate. I don’t always know what story that is before I start, but one usually evolves. I love the idea of storytelling and sometimes dabble in autobiographical comics. Overall, I like to use my imagination while still being honest.