Mixtape Monday: Ander Monson

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Mixtape Mondays  –  On Mondays, we want to post a themed mixtape created by a member of our staff.  The mixes should introduce you to our amazing and eclectic staff and also to some excellent summer jams.  See the Youtube links for an online version of the mix.  And let us know if there are any themes you would like to see explored.  Enjoy.  Sonora Review

Ander Monson

Summer 2011 — consists of Songs from the Future

  1. The Weepies  –  “I Was Made for a Sunny Day”  (Thanks to Juan for this  recommendation.)
  2. The Pains of Being Pure at Heart  –   “Heart in Your Heartbreak”
  3. Bobby Conn  –  “Never Get Ahead”   (You owe it to yourself to watch the Youtube clip of Conn doing this on Chicago-a-go-go, a public access kids dance show in Chicago.)
  4. The Decemberists  –  “Rox in the Box”
  5. Gramercy Riffs  –  “Call Me”   (The band name is a reference from the (awesome) film The Warriors that Leonard introduced me to.  It is also a surprisingly good PS2 game.)
  6. Wintersleep  –  “Trace Decay”  (It occurs to us that there is a lot of Canada on this mixtape: in the future all music is Canadian.  All restaurants are Taco Bell.   The only question is which Taco Bell do you want to eat at.   See also at least tracks 6, 17, 18, 19.)
  7. La Sera  –  “Never Come Around
  8. Lucky Soul  –  “That’s When the Trouble Begins”
  9. Josh Ritter  –   “Folk Bloodbath”  (This album was one of the best of 2010, I think, though it took me a while to figure this out.)
  10. The Kills  –  “Future Starts Slow”
  11. The Green Children  –  “Dragons”  (I have a nerdy fondness for the first five songs on this album, which are vaguely fantasy-themed electropop.  Welcome to the future.)
  12. Kurt Vile  –  “In My Time”
  13.  School of Seven Bells   –  “Windstorm”  (This is dedicated to Tuscaloosa, Alabama)
  14. The Rural Alberta Advantage   –  “Tornado”  (This is dedicated to Tuscaloosa, Alabama)
  15. Young Galaxy  – “B.S.E.”
  16. Land of Talk  –  “Quarry Hymns”
  17. Low  –  “Try to Sleep”   (The video for this song features an incredibly sexy John Stamos in a burning car.  All cars in the future burn yearly, and the nomads heat their leathery hands on the flames if they are not inside.  In the future, Tucson is the only city left, dotted with Taco Bells and Canadian bands haunting every shadow.)
  18. Saint Etienne  –  “Kiss and Make Up”
  19. The Radio Dept.  –  “Ewan”

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Faculty adviser to the Sonora Review, Ander Monson is the author of a host of paraphernalia including a decoder wheel, several chapbooks and limited edition letterpress collaborations, a <a href=””>website, and five books, most recently The Available World (poetry, Sarabande, 2010) and Vanishing Point: Not a Memoir (nonfiction, Graywolf, 2010).  He lives and teaches in Tucson, Arizona, where he edits the magazine DIAGRAM and the New Michigan Press.