People We Love

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On Thursdays, we will be chronicling and celebrating people from Sonora Review and the University of Arizona Creative Writing MFA whom we love.  Please read these profiles and seek out their work.  Thanks and enjoy.

Margaret Kimball (henceforth, Margi)

Margi is ferocious.  Despite seeking two degrees, she dedicated herself to the Art Direction, Design, and Illustration of Sonora Review for three spectacular and provocative issues, which are all available here.  These include:

Issue 59 – The Dinosaur Issue (contains a special memorial to poet Steve Orlen)

Issue 58 – Our special hand-bound issue

Issue 57 – The Sea Creatures Issue

In addition to her tireless efforts with Sonora Review, Margi also finished two, count ’em: two, MFA degrees this Spring.  One degree was in the Creative Writing department with a Nonfiction emphasis.  Her thesis is a book called “This Also Occurred in My Absence” and is an illustrated memoir about family.  Below are some excerpts from her work, all of it available at

Margi also finished her Master’s degree in Visual Communication.  Her culminating art thesis was an interactive treasure hunt that began in a gallery . . .

and invited patrons to follow the clues from the starting point . . .

To her studio . . .

To her home . . .

To a bar that was hosting a party for her work.

Margi is currently back in NYC working as a freelance graphic designer and Creative Director for Takeout, a boutique consultancy.  More of her splendid work, as both illustrator and memoirist, is forthcoming in Copper Nickel.  Countless other projects–from art installation pieces to Eegee’s advertisements–can be perused at Margi’s gorgeous and easily navigable website, from which we borrowed heavily for this profile–just one more way that Margi has helped carry Sonora Review.  Please check out and support her amazing work.

We love you, Margi.  Thanks for everything.