Mixtape Monday: Kelly Scherwitzki

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As I travel from Tucson, AZ to Tallahassee, FL I realize that summer is frequently the time for me to leave places and people behind—because of this I have two conflicting sides:

Sad-girl Side:

1. Lupita Palomera  –   “Perfidia” (as heard in Casablanca)
2. Waylon Jennings  –   “Anita, You’re Dreaming”
3. Louis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald –   “Dream a Little Dream of Me”
4. Frank Sinatra  –   “Summer Wind”
5. Bob Dylan  –  “Tomorrow is a Long Time”
6. Dolly Parton  –  “Jolene”
7. Stevie Wonder  –  “My Cherie Amour”
8. Sonic Youth  –  “Superstar”
9. Gram Parsons & The Flying Burrito Brothers  –  “Do Right Woman” (if you like country, you’ll love this)
10. Cat Power  –  “Nude as the News”
11. The Black Keys  –  “Lies”
12. She & Him  –  “You Really Got a Hold on Me” (not better than Smokey’s but I love any song with whistling)
13. Patsy Cline  –  “Lovesick Blues” (great version of a Hank Williams classic)

Tough-girl Side:

1. Magnetic Fields  –  “I Don’t Believe You” (melodrama is IN)
2. Velvet Underground  –  “I Found a Reason” (Cat Power also has a great adaptation of this song)
3. Roy Orbison  –  “You Got It”
4. The Pixies  –  “All Over the World”
5. Fleetwood Mac  –  “Monday Morning”
6. Nicki Minaj  –  “Super Bass”
7. The Rolling Stones  –  “19th Nervous Breakdown” (I can really dance to this one)
8. Dirty Dozen Brass Band  –  “It’s All Over Now” (great cover of RS)
9. Telenovela  –  “A Mood of Julie” (a no-longer-together band from Athens, Georgia)
10. Yeah Yeah Yeahs  –  “Warrior”
11. Lou Reed  –  “Vicious” (mantra)
12. Blondie  –  “Rapture”
13. Beyonce  –  “Run the World (Girls)” (not my fav Queen B, but love the message

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Kelly Scherwitzki is a visual artist and an MFA student in poetry at the University of Arizona.   She is a Poetry Editor for the Sonora Review.