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The Poetry Center

Though not one individual, The Poetry Center is still an entity that has supported and promoted Sonora Review over the years.   We have shared countless booths and planned many events–keep an eye out for a reading on August 25–with Poetry Center people and have gained from the wisdom, organization, and charisma from such stalwarts as Gail Browne and Cybele Knowles.  In addition to providing a welcome home for our and other journals, The Poetry Center continues to be a literary haven for the University of Arizona community.

Here’s a little bit more about The Poetry Center, from their own website:

Mission: The University of Arizona Poetry Center is a living archive, founded in 1960 to maintain and cherish the spirit of poetry. The Poetry Center aims to promote poetic literacy and sustain, enrich, and advance a diverse literary culture.

Activities: An internationally renowned poetry library, the Poetry Center sponsors numerous University and community programs, including readings and lectures, classes and workshops, writing residencies, poets-in-the-schools, poets-in-the-prisons, contests, exhibitions, and online resources, including standards-based poetry curricula. An area of special emphasis within the College of Humanities, the Poetry Center is open and fully accessible to the public.

History: Designed by Line and Space LLC, our 17,500–foot landmark facility brings a contemporary note to the University of Arizona campus. Architect Les Wallach employed a design principle called “a progression toward solitude.” As visitors move from west to east through the building’s meeting and gathering spaces, they experience a gradual retreat into the peaceful solitude of the library collection.

Also, check out The Poetry Center’s sweet Audio/Visual Library, full of seminal readers that visited the University of Arizona and contributed to Sonora Review issues and events.  Plus, befriend them on their Facebook page and see ways to volunteer and support this vital institution.

Thank you, Poetry Center.  We Love You.  Sonora Review