Letters on MFAs

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NS: I’m sure you’ll get into better programs because you won’t be hungover and unprepared for your GREs, right?

…I love Tucson and I’ve heard good things about the program here, too, although what I’ve been finding more and more is that it’s especially good for… poetry… but I could always transfer if I hate it. I’m attaching my submission. The director said something like “Illuminating… startling observations…” on the phone. It was really nice to hear.

JR: …The MFA programs want only the general GRE scores, right? No school requires that we take the subject tests, correct?

NS: Pretty sure. Apply to U of A! I think each school is different.

JR: Is it hard? All writing all the time?

NS: I’m pretty okay with it. I teach, too. That’s hard.

JR: Are the students cool or grumpy?

NS: They’re both. It’s early so they’re tired. But so am I.

…I have a mohawk now, kind of, and one of my students just got one, too. I think I’ll have at least left him with that.

-N. Stagg