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Call for Submissions: 2019 FLASH PROSE & NONFICTION CONTESTS

Submissions being accepted through November 15, 2019!

Been abducted by aliens? Got into a screaming match with your boss? Had a love affair in Lisbon?

For Issue 76, we seek work that considers the theme of ENCOUNTER. We’re looking for anything and everything that concerns encounters / rendezvous / confrontations / chance meetings. People interacting with people (or aliens).

The Flash Prose Contest will be judged by Lucy Corin.

The Nonfiction Contest will be judged by Rae Paris.

Remember to follow our general submission guidelines!

Questions? You can always reach us at

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Contest Winners:

Silvia Park, “shift+delete”, fiction |
Lillian-Yvonne Bertram, “Coming of Age Stories”, poetry |
May-lee Chai, “The Imagined Homeland”, nonfiction

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