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Issue 75/76 Desire/Doubt is Now Available!

Desire/Doubt (75/76)

The latest issue of Sonora Review, Desire/Doubt, is now available to purchase!

Call for Submissions: 2019 FLASH PROSE & NONFICTION CONTESTS

Submissions being accepted through November 15, 2019!

Been abducted by aliens? Got into a screaming match with your boss? Had a love affair in Lisbon?

For Issue 77, we seek work that considers the theme of ENCOUNTER. We’re looking for anything and everything that concerns encounters / rendezvous / confrontations / chance meetings. People interacting with people (or aliens).

The Flash Prose Contest will be judged by Lucy Corin.

The Nonfiction Contest will be judged by Rae Paris.

Remember to follow our general submission guidelines!

Questions? You can always reach us at

New on Sonora Online

  • Holding Frozen: An Interview with Robert Carr
    Jon Riccio interviews Robert Carr about his new book, The Unbuttoned Eye.
  • Spiking is for Parties | by Tennessee Hill
    This get-together is entirely brunette and liquid and will pass right through us like bright lights or cheap liquor.
  • To The Daughter I Don’t Have, On Her Name | by Laura Gill
    When I think of what I want your name to be, I think of the undoing of a corset, and I want it to resemble laughter.
  • Beachside Property | by Kevin Ducey
    And there they went storming up the beaches, afalling from the windows, twisting by the pools, thinking up something cruel, (like) carrying water in slotted spoons…
  • Jenny and the Squid | by Ariel Chu
    She extended one arm towards me, then another. I allowed her ten limbs to encircle me, snake around my ribs, under my arms, between my clothed thighs. I got one glimpse of her pink, rubbery face before her hooked beak caught me. It clamped my mouth so hard I tasted blood.
  • Bite | by Anne Strand
    She bites and chews and gnaws. She is so focused on the tiny words in her textbook. Then she clamps down on the pen cap so hard that it snaps in half. It makes a kind of popping sound, and I feel blood rush to my cheeks.