Two Part Interview With Gilbef (Part Two)

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Continued from previous post

Natasha Stagg: Can you give us some ideas on what is coming up next?

Rodrigo Gonçlaves: Through all the things I have written, I believe in people’s potential. I think we’re not capable of having a revolution anymore, but we are being transformed constantly, and some of society’s values are getting lost and some others are getting increased. I believe that if all the people knew how to share their good values, we would have a better world. But unfortunately people are more interested in themselves individually.

We, the Brazilians, are a very happy nation. After all, we are always thinking positively and evolving. I could say a lot of other amazing things that are coming up next from me, but it would sound superficial, when we can talk about society’s deeper values.

I’d really like to say the truth about my feelings, I believe that makes us better and authentic.

NS: I’m glad you feel that way! So, what are you reading?

RC: Nowadays I’ve been reading books about Jean Piaget and others that studied something related to psychology, about knowledge, intelligence and the science of human development and growth. That helps me in college and outside, in my personal life. My reading makes me understand myself, find my ideology and comprehend other people and their feelings.

However I also really enjoy reading Oscar Wilde, Charles Baudelaire,Franz Kafka, Graciliano Ramos and Fernanda Young. I’m always searching for different readings, searching for knowledge about diverse things, because it helps me to have a better opinion and be a more flexible person.

Sometimes it’s very hard to find good books here in my hometown. I usually buy secondhand, because they are cheaper, but I have a great book collection. I have read a lot of the classics, but I like reading many ideas of dissimilar books, so I can create a compilation of information, and create my own point of view.

NS: Can you talk about the ideas of trends, up-and-comers, and fame for fame’s sake?

RC: I believe so much in new trends, especially in the trend I’m capable of creating. At the present time I formed a new movement here in my city called MCZ MONSTROS, which means like monsters from Maceió (my hometown). You can see some this “monster trend movement” here.

I say what is on my mind, what I believe. So I’m sure that with my art I can change people’s way of thinking Even if it is for some minutes, I would be pleased and happy. Sometimes, people are very limited and can’t see through their own perspectives.

But I’m still a tiny person and there are a lot of things that will happen in the world, a lot of things I’m about to know. Some things will stay the same and others are going to change, and I want to be part of this evolution. Because that’s the only thing that makes us bigger. Our ideas make us larger than life, because if we share them, they won’t be buried with us when we pass away. The ideas will be forever alive, marked on our art, our legacy. By this way we’ll still be able to communicate our thoughts and promote our knowledge forever.