Short Short Fiction by Grant Foxon

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In September 2008 Grant Foxon had his first novel published by Author House, called, The Dark. It’s a psychological thriller set in purgatory. Grant has contributed articles to Mint, and he’s had pieces published on He’s currently writing a new Doomwatch fanzine.

In 2010 Grant had a short story anthology called Schizo published. He has written sketches for the BBC radio comedy show, NewsJack.

Grant is 24 years old and has moderate autism, which he believes is more of a help than a hindrance to his work. He enjoys all genres, and his favourite book is Junky by William Burroughs.


Kraven Verez looked out at the idyllic sunlight from behind his sunglasses. The night before he had consumed a vast quantity of alcohol. So much so that in the morning sunlight Verez’s head had transformed into a migraine.

Down in the centre of the forest below stood the colony’s most productive extermination camp. Since being established a little over a year ago, over half a million dissidents had been gassed to death. Their remains were crushed and used as fertiliser. The planet’s greatest exports were its food supplies which, thanks to the new Freedom Party, it grew in abundance.