Interview with Grant Foxon

2 mins read

Natasha Stagg: How long have you been writing?

Grant Foxon: To be honest, as far back as I can remember. I used to fill scrap books with my writing. I think I’d be about five or six and instead of drawing like other kids, I’d write.

NS: Do you write every day?

GF: Yes, it’s strange–it’s more like a compulsion and pleasure rather than a feeling I have to. I adore writing. It’s very therapeutic.

NS: What are your thoughts on “writing on writing?” Ever read the advice other authors give?

GF: Sometimes, but I feel that what may work well for one person doesn’t necessarily relate to another. I believe more in finding your own path.

NS: Do you have some advice to give?

GF: No, because that would be contradicting myself, and I don’t like that.

NS: Who is your favourite author of the moment, and what should we read by them?

GF: My favourite author…tricky but I would probably say JG Ballard or William Burroughs. You must read Crash, Kingdom Come and The Atrocity Exhibition by Ballard and Queer, Junky and Naked Lunch by Burroughs.

NS: What is a book that kind of blew your mind, that we’d be surprised by?

GF: Dune: The Butletarian Jihad. Since Frank Herbert’s death in 1986 his son and writer Kevin J. Anderson started writing prequel and sequel books. They’ve done one every year since and whilst at times they feel like shameless cash-ins and contradict Frank Herbert’s writings they are really well written and really compelling. At the end of the day I suppose that’s all that matters.