Short Short Fiction by Kulpreet Yadav

Kulpreet Yadav is an Indian novelist and a short story writer, who aspires to meet the people from the past who made this world.

Can I kill you Again, Mr. Hitler?

It’s funny; weird actually. When I close my eyes, I am with Hitler. But when I open, he is gone. So, excited, nervous, I keep them closed.

‘Hello, Mr. Hitler!’

He is smoking, smiling, but face is signature withdrawn. ‘Who are you?’

I start thinking, but he is ready for more, ‘Are you British?’






He turns to consult his aide; there is none.

‘We had fallen off the map.’

‘New enemy?’

‘Can I kill you again, Mr. Hitler?’

He laughs. ‘But I am a loser, already dead.’

One comment

  1. I loved this one. Made me roll over, and laugh over and over again. Very short. Very apt. Yet, very hard hitting.

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