Movie Reviews: Winter Break

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(Continued from previous post)

I’ve heard mixed reviews about The Fighter, but I enjoyed it. My one complaint was the structure of the plot. It felt like it was written for TV, with far too many cliffhanger-type highs and lows and transitions. I guess this movie is supposed to be a drama but I watched it as a comedy. Everyone looks hilarious and yet the film is so pretty…

Actually, I can’t be unbiased when talking about this movie-going experience. I saw it after a particularly long stretch of Southern California highway on the second day of a two-day road trip on the back of a dirt bike. The sun set romantically behind palm and wave and we stuck it out too long because traffic was not as bad as expected, but we had to fill up and our bodies ached too much to get back on the bike for even forty more miles. So we went to dinner and a movie and put our chemical hand-warmer baggies on our shoulders and our helmets on the seats on either side of us. Mostly, that’s what I remember.