Interview with Abraham Pedroza

2 mins read

I met Abraham in Oakland a while ago. He drums for one of my favorite bands, Bridez, and does lots of other cool things.

Natasha Stagg: What are you up to lately?

Abraham Pedroza: Trying to get food stamps. I showed up to the interview and became very nauseous and had to leave.

NS: Do you do a lot of writing, or mostly playing for people who write?
AP: I refuse to be a part of a project that won’t let me contribute artistically. I never want to be a session drummer, I don’t think I own enough pairs of sweatpants.

NS: What else do you do? 

AP: I’ve been trying to take photos lately.

NS: Where are your favorite places to play?

AP: I like playing BART stations. I used to be in this punk band that would set up a generator at 24th and Mission. The best people would stop and watch us (tweekers, hookers, freaks etc.). Crackheads would ask for our autographs.

NS: What do you think about drummer jokes? 

AP: I think they are irrelevant. They don’t really ring true anymore. They are this kind of sub category of dad jokes or something. Jokes don’t really offend me. Here’s a joke:

Q: Why didn’t the lifeguard save the hippie?
A: He was too far out man.

NS: Are you still wanting to move?

AP: Yes, very much so. I’m thinking about LA. I’ve been here for like five years, SF feels way too small now. 

NS: What are you reading?

AP: This collection of essays by Alan Watts called This Is It. Also reading my friends comics.