Issue 72

Sonora Review

Issue 72
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Contest Winner: Kate Berson, “Luz, Milargo”
“What these horses have done for me,” my father says, meaning the living they’ve made him.

Stories by: Garrett Ashley | Cassie Gonzales | Tariq al Haydar | Andrew Porter | Gillian Wiley Rose


Contest Winner: Benjamin Krusling, “I Want to Die in Designer”
Jeans for the nude of my legs to rest on       you want
to know what I wear at home.      A shirt

Poems by:
Greg Allendorf | Latin Carter | Dorothy Chan | Sara Biggs Chaney | Caroline Chavatel | Mackenzie Cole | Marsha Truman Cooper | Charlotte Covey | James Grinwis | Sarah Kathryn Moore | Muriel Nelson | Elizabeth O’Brien | Isabelle Shepherd | Sho Sugita | Rodrigo Toscano | Elijah Matthew Tubbs | Matthew Woodman | Magdalena Zurawski


Contest Winner: Easton Smith, “The Pace of Death: On Illness and Borders in the Sonora”
I sit down in the middle of the trail. There is no shade to rest in, anyways, and no one walking behind me.

Stories by:
Kathleen Blackburn | Sam Brighton, | Lisa Chen | Carrie Kosicki

Eamon Ore-Giron