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Our latest issue 72 has been released. Check it out!

Sonora Review 72 - Cover

FICTION by Garrett Ashley, Kate Berson, Cassie Gonzales, Tariq al Haydar, Andrew Porter, Gillian Wiley Rose

POETRY by Greg Allendorf, Latin Carter, Dorothy Chan, Sara Biggs Chaney, Caroline Chavatel, Mackenzie Cole, Marsha Truman Cooper, Charlotte Covey, James Grinwis, Benjamin Krusling, Sarah Kathryn Moore, Muriel Nelson, Elizabeth O’Brien, Isabelle Shepherd, Sho Sugita, Rodrigo Toscano, Elijah Matthew Tubbs, Matthew Woodman, Magdalena Zurawski

NONFICTION by Kathleen Blackburn, Sam Brighton, Lisa Chen, Carrie Kosicki, Easton Smith

COVER ARTWORK by Eamon Ore-Giron

Issue 71

SR71 Cover 3-28-17 4

FICTION by Nico Alvarado, Ben Goldman, Mario J. Gonzales, JD Scott, C Pam Zhang

POETRY by Kayleb Rae Candrilli, Genelle Chaconas, Elizabeth Knapp, Keven McLellan, Samuel Moulton, Robin Myers, Daniel Eduardo Ruiz, Sarah Viren, Caroline Wilkinson, Ruth Williams, Joseph Zaccardi

NONFICTION by Anni Liu, Greg Marshall

COVER ARTWORK by Eamon Ore-Giron

Front Cover copyIssue 70

FICTION by Elizabeth J. Colen + Carol Guess, Alex McElroy, Sean Gill, Etkin Camoglu, Dennis James Sweeney, David Sheskin, Jonathan Blum, María Isabel Alvarez, Emily Temple, Zachary Doss

POETRY by Susan Briante, Andrea England, John Patrick McShea, Michael Dhyne, Renia White, Leslie Marie Aguilar, Sarah Carson, Brian Diamond, Joaquín Zihuatanejo, Mary Block, Jessica Guzman Alderman, Wong Yoo-Chong, Renia White, Lauren Moseley, Michael Tod Edgerton, Asa Drake, Noelle O’Reilly, Lynn Geri

NONFICTION by Alaina Symanovich, Andrew Johnson, Danielle Zaccagnino, Micah Fields

COVER ARTWORK by Grant Wiggin

SR 69 front copy

Issue 69

FICTION by Raul Palma, Cassandra Powers, Joe Scott, Cedric Synnestvedt, Luisa Valenzuela trans. Marguerite Feitlowitz

POETRY by Kaveh Akbar, Aimée Baker, Bradly Sergio Brandt, Ryan Bollenbach, Peter Giebel, Katelin Kelly, Sean Lovelace, Farid Matuk, Maggie Millner, F. Daniel Rzicnek, Kelly Schirmann

NONFICTION by Joshua T. Anderson, Rebecca Turkewitz, Amanda Zivkovic

COVER ARTWORK by Grant Wiggins

Issue 68

Issue 68

FICTION by Matthew Baker, Scott Broker, Angela Corbett, Robert Froese, Barbara Ganley, Michael Sakoda, Joseph Truscello

POETRY by Anne Barngrover, Sierra Jacob, Joy Katz, Safiya Sinclair, Eszter Takacs

NONFICTION by Maria Gabriele Baker, Kimberly Burwick, Samantha Deal, Mark Ehling, Bryce Emley, Landon Houle, Rachel Proctor May, Katharine Monger, Misha Rai, Zhanna Slor, Matthew Weinkam

COVER ARTWORK by Marcy Ellis

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