RENAME | Munira Tabassum Ahmed

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I recognise this self. in drawings of koi fish and
menthol slicked lips. in weeks spent searching for all the fishbones in a 

warm hands heat up rice between thumbs. I could say the names of all the
dishes better in my reflection. she moves with me to the dinner table
and back I fear our batteries will slow and we’ll tick out of  

time. I am not a fictional character / my alphabet is whole. ‘where have you been?’ I have
been running on a vague mispronunciation of myself ever since you left. reset. 
I feel like I am being beckoned by false 
names / rename me to what I have always been / make my name sit (comfortably) in your 
mouth. ( I care too much about what sits within brackets) 

I was given this self. 
‘if God is willing, we will meet again.’ 

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Munira Tabassum Ahmed (14) is a student and poet. As a member of Generation Z, her work focuses on issues relevant to the future and personal growth. She has published pieces in Interior Journal and has work forthcoming in Voiceworks Magazine.

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