Subalpine Fir | Emily Wolahan

Abies lasiocarpa (bifolia) PINE FAMILY H 90’; D 18”. Tree with spire-shaped crown;         Wait,  matted shrub above tree line. Needles 1”,                 

Luck (A Sequence) | Ashley Dailey

Ashley Dailey (she/her) is a writer and multimedia artist from Sargent, Georgia. She mostly writes about family and the cultural legacies of the American South. Her work has received support from the

anamnesis beneath umbrella | J. David

for thirty- seven minutes  i watched the day  break blue across  steelyards  yesteryear forgot  while recounting the names  of my ex-girlfriend’s siblings. i imagine this  to be the kind of forgiveness  a

Durag | Cymelle Edwards

for Derick Sometimes we’re reminded where we’re fromlike the Gila Monster trapped in its cageat the Museum of Natural Historythat everyone else thoughtwas a snake I didn’t correct them maybe that’s what

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