Black Ghosts Throw the Best Parties | Omer Ahmed

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Martin Luther King Jr begins milly rocking, 
As he downs a bottle of henny with no hands. 

Harriet Tubman is bumping and grinding,
As Rihanna blasts on the speakers, 
Cuz even dead folk bop to Rihanna. 

Frederick Douglass is in the kitchen,
Getting his hair twisted by Rosa Parks. 

George Washington Carver aint partied at all, 
Cuz’ he has been too busy rolling everyone’s blunts, 
And everyones got a blunt. 

Erykah Badu aint dead, but she feels the spirits in the room
Dances with them, calls herself Erykah Ba-dead. 

Zora Neale Hurston is rocking the dopest freestyle
Talking about, 

Their eyes be watchin’ God/
But God be watching me/ 
He in the front row of my show/
That nigga VIP

And I hope God is watching 
How we can finally celebrate 
Once we don’t have to fear death anymore.

Omer Ahmed (Pronouns: He/Him) is a Black and Muslim educator, writer, and performer. He has works published in issues or forthcoming issues of Glass Mountain, The Penn Review, Contra: Texas Anthology and internationally in Bareknuckle Poet amongst other places. Omer currently works for Writers in the Schools and hopes to expand his love of writing to further audiences, with a high focus on the youth.