Safar | Meetra Javed

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For my beloved,  

A. You get me through, 
B. to get me through. 

A. Sahib; A Companion. 
B. Safar; A Journey. 

There are certain places I can’t sleep, rooms
I can’t enter, corridors I don’t walk. 

Even if the building 
was demolished and rebuilt
the longitude and latitude of memory
knows the gateways to a new burn, 
in the same old place. 

Precision is a method. I know
exactly where the light struck in
a room before it burned now. I keep
two words on my tongue: 

A. Sahib; A Companion. 
B. Safar; A Journey. 

A. You got me through, 
B. to get me through. 

Meetra Javed is a New York City based writer, and creative agency consultant, and manager. Primarily a poet, her work most often explores themes like family, grief, immigration, and identity. She has been published by The Columbia Journal and was enlisted as a runner up in Columbia University’s Spring 2020 Writing competition. Her work has also been published by World Literature Today, The Triangle House Review, Azeema Magazine, Silverneedle Press, Barzakh by The University of Albany, LA based company SEED, and more. She holds a BA from SUNY Purchase and certifications from The School of Visual Arts. She currently lives and works on the Upper East Side. ///// IG: @meeetraaa