Bohemian Rhapsody–with Grubs | Kirsten Voris

Bermuda grass is a weed, in my mind. Something unwanted, with a root system extending 35 feet down into the bowels of the wash that runs through my neighborhood. A friend told me this, with a sad smile, when I mentioned to her that I pull it. … Read More Bohemian Rhapsody–with Grubs | Kirsten Voris

Plz Drink | Cameron Martin

Walking home around 4PM last fall, I spotted a can in the middle of the sidewalk. Strikingly silver and apparently full, since it wasn’t blown over. No logo, no nutrition facts, no label, only the reflected sun and these words, in shaky black Sharpie: CUM CAN, PLZ DRINK. … Read More Plz Drink | Cameron Martin