A Mother’s Grave | Edison Dupree

This painful stonetooth has nothing to grindagainst but sky.All your panickyrage is coffined,it’s tamped in, deeper than I amtall. Nothing to fearnow but the poison’sown loneliness,standing here,saying its charm, as if to

Two Poems | Rhoni Blankenhorn

Gates Pass At the moment of her death,the cactus wren dive-bombs her own nest.Feathers and twigs tanglein white thorns.Saguaros throw up their armsunable to slow the sun.Chollas turn lustless.Sweating and cold along

Orcinus | Jessica Cordes

I’ve been dreaming of whales. Orcas, in water so clear and blue it makes me yearn for something I can’t place. In the dream, I’m in a kayak on the clear blue

Two Poems | Cecilia Stelzer

rotating system the old cure for cysts was to hit them with a biblegrandma was flashed after exiting a theaterspider crickets jump toward you, not away rental my last landlord sent mea

last call | Jack Giaour

can i buy  you a drink  can i just say that  trans* people are not  a burden  it’s  your body that  gave you away  it’s  your  body  that  i like  can i

Drag Night at the Imaginary Gay Bar | Patrick Kindig

The lights dim. The seatsfill with sequinedcowboys. Leatherdykescirculate, lean againstthe bar. Everyoneis here & everyone wants to be here. The drinksare strong & cheap& named thingslike desert rose& cactus blossom.They make the

Two Poems | Margarita Cruz

On the First Day of the Year, I Try to Write You A Love Poem after We Drink Until 5 AM Kitchen floor cigarettes light into the New Year like birthday candles–the

Two Poems | Stephanie Choi

Open Wide small mouth with too many teeth                                                  

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